WK London


An invite to a creative utopia

A film for the 24’ run of Kennedys at WK London. Me and Keke imagined an island paradise free of Ai interferance.  

Nike London

We Run With It

Month-long Peckham Takeover celebrating the grit of London runners featuring Flyposting, Shutter Copy & Collective Relay Events.

Credit List
🫧 Shoot 🫧
Photographer: Sophie Jones
1st Assistant: Damian Flack
2nd Assistant Sami Weller
Digi Op: Jonathon Ross
Styling: Coco Mel
Stylist Assistant: Britain Campbell
MUA: Athena Paginton
MUA Assistant: Tom Easto
Hair Stylist: Karla Quinonez

🫡 Agency 🫡
Creative Director: Joe Bruce
Creative: Will Wills
Creative: Sammy Watts Stanfield
Designer: Jon Barnett
Designer: Anabel Hazeldine
Design Director: Justin Hallstrom
Producer: Mich Bradfield
Producer: Emily Khoury
+ Justin, Conrad, Sherwin,Aleksi, Jonny, Olli, Alex, Sam, Katherine, Brian, Anjali + Nike

Orange Romania

Summer 23 w/ Milledge + Doig

Key visuals and animations for Orange Romanias mascots Milledge and Doig

Smile Like It's '88

W+K Window Party celebrating 35 Years since the Second Summer of Love.    

Gabriel Gayle (b.2000) is a visual artist based in London with a philosophy of loving attention applied to the residuals of conjunctions.

Gabriel Gayle

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